12th International Composite Expo 2023

2023-10-03 - 2023-10-07
the 12th fair of kompozyt's poland

The 12Th International Composite Expo 2023 In Poland’s Krakow

The 12th international Composite Expo 2023 is one of the largest composite industry events in the region. This exhibition is hold every year in Kraków and participants from all over the world come to it. In this exhibition, companies producing composite materials, display new chemical products, equipment and technologies. Newest chemical materials with best quality that used in composite industry will show.

During the 12th Polish Composite Exhibition, major companies such as Airbus, Boeing and BMW also present. These companies display examples of the use of composite materials in the aerospace and automotive industries. Also, in this exhibition, famous speakers talked about the new trend of composite technologies and presented educational materials. This exhibition is an opportunity for composite industry companies to introduce their products and services to their audience and customers and to communicate with other companies and experts.

About 12Th International Composite Expo 2023 in Poland

The 12th International Specialized Composite Exhibition in Poland is one of the largest industrial events in the field of composites in Europe. This year Composite fair takes place in October in the city of Krakow. Krakow’s Composite fair bringing together companies and individuals involved in the composite industry.

This exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for companies and composite manufacturers to network with other industry representatives. They can showcase their products to customers, as well as participate in various exhibitions and conferences. The exhibition utilizes the latest technologies and innovations in the composite industry. Also creating a platform for information and experience exchange among professionals in this field.

Companies can use this exhibition to introduce their products and services, meet potential customers, and take necessary steps to increase sales and expand their business. This event also provides companies with the opportunity to compete with their rivals in the industry. Then promote their brand through showcasing their products to customers. Additionally, this exhibition serves as a suitable opportunity for enthusiasts to stay updated on the latest technologies and advancements in the composite industry.

What are the objectives of the 12th Specialized Composite Exhibition in Poland?

The Specialized Composite Exhibition in Poland is held annually with the main objective of promoting the composite industry in the country and attracting new investors and customers. This exhibition provides a suitable opportunity for Polish and international companies involved in the production and use of composite products to showcase their products and services and connect with buyers and other manufacturers. Additionally, this exhibition serves as a suitable platform for presenting the latest achievements, technologies, and innovations related to the composite industry in order to enhance knowledge and development in this industry in Poland.

Other objectives of this exhibition include creating business opportunities between companies, increasing public awareness and knowledge about the benefits of using composite products, facilitating the transfer of technology and successful experiences between producers and customers, promoting the manufacturing and production industry of composites, and creating suitable job opportunities in this industry. Given the growing importance of the composite industry in various sectors, the Specialized Composite Exhibition in Poland plays a significant role in the development and promotion of this industry in the country and the region.

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Time & Place of Composite Fair 2023

This fair will hold 11 to 15 October 2023 all days. The place is in Krakow city of Poland.
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