International Iran Conmine 2023

2023-11-04 - 2023-11-07
17Th International Iran Conmine fair 2023

International Iran Conmine 2023 prepare best situation. Iran is one of the most important countries in the world in terms of huge mineral resources. With 68 types of minerals and about 100 billion tons of proven and potential reserves in 2014, it was recognized as one of the rich countries. With 1% of the world’s population, Iran has 7% of the world’s mineral resources. The most important underground and mineral reserves of Iran (apart from oil and gas) are: iron, copper, gold, silver, zinc, lead, chromite, manganese, titanium, uranium, coal, tin. Also precious and semi-precious stones such as turquoise, plaster, salt, cement, chemicals. According to the above sources, any investment, both domestic and foreign, are in the field of extraction and purification. These achievements will be one of the most important constructive measures in order to increase economic capacities to achieve sustainable development.
Inviting and encouraging investors to enter the mining field has been a very effective factor in order to realize entrepreneurship and job creation. It is certainly one of the most important goals and practical plans of the Ministry of Security(industry, mining, trade). This action will also cause mobility and entrepreneurship in many side jobs such as machinery, tools and equipment, purification and trade(especially export).

Iran is located in a region where neighboring countries such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia, as well as the Persian Gulf region are locate. These contries require mineral resources due to their pace of economic growth and development. These mentioned countries are very poor in terms of mineral reserves, even though they have invested in industries such as steel, their raw materials are imported. This presents an exceptional opportunity for us to develop extraction and utilization.
With our mineral potential, our country was the first, 70 years ago, to start teaching the fields of mining and geology among the countries in the region. Currently, we have trained and educated over 50,000 engineers and technicians in the fields of mining, metallurgy, and geology. The presence of dozens of capable and active professional and industrial organizations in the mining sector is also very notable and significant. Some of these organizations, such as the Iran Mining House, play an extensive and effective role in the country’s economy.
Undoubtedly, the upcoming exhibition, which is the most important annual event in the country in the mining sector, will play a significant role in achieving the country’s economic goals. It is hoped that the audience and enthusiasts will make the most of the available opportunity in a desirable manner.

About International Iran Conmine 2023

IranConMin exhibition is the largest exhibition in the field of construction technologies and the mining industry. This exhibition has been held for many years with a very large scale at the regional level and internationally. IranConMin 2018 is a place for the gathering and synergy of international companies with major domestic experts in these two important sectors of the Iranian industry.

IranConMin exhibition provides a great opportunity for meeting with old customers and finding new customers. This exhibition will be held from November 4th to November 7th, 2023 (13th to 16th of Aban 1402) at the Tehran International Exhibition, where more than 200 companies will present their products, achievements, innovations, and services in the halls and open spaces. Foreign companies from 7 countries will also be present, and official pavilions of Germany, China, and Poland will be formed. To make the most of this event, seminars and workshops will be held during the Iran Mining Industry Conference, organized by the Iranian Mining Network and the Iran Mining House.

Dear participants and interested parties, you can check the list of minerals online resources.

The Objectives Of International Iran Conmine 2023

  • Enhancing awareness of the country’s mineral potentials
  • Creating opportunities for collaboration and business transactions
  • Promoting the mining industry and related technologies
  • Introducing recent achievements and innovations in the mining industry
  • Providing a space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences among business owners
  • Promoting export activities and attracting investment in the mining sector

The categories of goods showcased at Iran ConMine

  1. Underground and open-pit mines
  2. Precious and valuable stones
  3. Mining and the environment
  4. Innovative technologies in the mining industry
  5. Explosives and blasting equipment
  6. Mining companies and contractors
  7. Road and construction contracting
  8. Consulting engineers, facility services, and construction
  9. Mining design, services, development, and research, and cutting-edge technology in the mining sector
  10. Investment opportunities in the mining sector
  11. Ports, shipping, and transportation in the mining sector
  12. Insurance sector in the mining industry
  13. Research and development centers and organizations

Time & Place of Holding Iran ConMine 2023

This exhibition is open every day from 4th to 7th of November 2023. Those interested can participate from 8 Am to 3 Pm at The Permanent Location of Tehran International Exhibitions.

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