About Shimico

SHIMICO; Your Commercial Success Platform

SHIMICO is proud to facilitate the transactional challenges of chemical and petrochemical industries. SHIMICO’s online and specialized platform has accelerated the process of purchase, sale, and management of B2B transactions of chemical industries and petrochemical products in three with regard to time, cost, and security.

SHIMICO services

Active dealers of chemical and petrochemical industries experience an easy, secure and beneficial trade in SHIMICO because they have various and practical facilities at the same time including:

  • Being exposed to domestic and foreign markets

  • Online negotiation

  • Access to a wide range of goods

  • Having the chance to check and decide on the best price and quality

  • Choosing the best seller

  • Security in receiving the claims under the commercial insurance framework, escrow money and product inspection

  • Cargo transportation and delivery services

  • And many specialized services

Who are we?

SHIMICO is managed by a group of experienced experts in chemical materials, international trade law and L/C (Letter of credit), economics and capital market, customs formalities, transportation and online commerce. Skillful experts have converted this commercial platform to a professional area to facilitate and accelerate the trade among suppliers, purchasers and other active dealers of the market.

SHIMICO has been launched since 2020 aiming at applied innovation in transaction processes through amendment of the failed processes and to improve the transactional mechanisms in the chemical materials’ platforms (specially in the field of oil, gas, petrochemistry, and refinery).

Giving the educational services to traditional businesses and preparing the platform for secure and easy transactions include SHIMICO’s operational steps to reach the optimal commercial processes.

A complete reference of data and goods

Accelerating and facilitating the trade along with observing the transaction security, requires the precise planning. In SHIMICO, we believe that achieving these three goals relies on consciously transaction. By presenting the exact information about goods, we have tried to provide “speed, facility, and security” for the active dealers of the industry.

To this end, a comprehensive data bank including full information of over 14,500 products has been presented in SHIMICO. Some details such as HS code, UN number, CAS number, and chemical formula are the mentioned data about each good.

SHIMICO’s value-added

Transaction in SHIMICO platform along with its unique facilities, has promoted the efficiency of economic institutes through process improvement because SHIMICO has provided over 100000 active interactions in chemical industries' market.

Now, the result of applied innovation in transaction processes, under the SHIMICO platform is available to small, medium (SME), and big economic corporations which struggle to produce, export, import and transacts commercially through 29 significant chemical industries.

SHIMICO mission

SHIMICO missions are summarized as follows:

  • Management and provision of guarantee to the quality and quantity of the transacted goods

  • Control and provision of guarantee for the financial conditions with regard to payments and receptions

  • Estimating the transactional competitive prices of goods based on the supply and demand mechanism and actual conditions of the market

  • Worldwide development activities following the performance growth over the domestic market of goods

  • Decreasing the present risks in the market

SHIMICO vision

SHIMICO’s vision was perceived as follows:

  • Performing all transactions of chemical materials and the related goods in SHIMICO’ chemical materials

  • Turning SHIMICO’s exporting commercial insurances into one of the priorities of suppliers and purchasers as the substitute to bank letters of credit (L/C)

  • Development of activities in neighboring countries and be as a source of transaction and pricing of chemical materials in the Middle East

Operational goals of SHIMICO

  • Cooperation in fulfilling the requests of active dealers in the chemical materials’ market

  • Facilitating and accelerating the chemical materials’ deals

  • Establishing a transparent and professional market for sellers, suppliers, and purchasers

  • Identifying fair and competitive prices by implementing the risk management

  • Establishing a competitive profit to increase the SHIMICO’s potential activity internationally

  • Developing new exporting destinations and identifying and introducing effective and potential international partners

  • Keeping the sustainability and development of domestic exchanges and importing and exporting markets

  • Increasing the trust, attracting the partnership of market’s active dealers and continuous increase of international influence rate

  • Establishing the progressive, secure, and free business zone

SHIMICO’s strategic goals

  • Providing the possibility of evaluating the sellers, suppliers, and purchasers in chemical industries

  • Quantitative and qualitative development of domestic, exporting and importing transactions of chemical materials’ market on SHIMICO platform

  • SHIMICO’s internal system transactions’ adaptation to the international standards in trade

  • Development of transactions to promote the key performance indicator (KPI)

  • Widespread presence in exporting markets and increasing the international influence index

  • Using the capacity of the related organizations and commercial partners to develop the chemical materials’ market

  • Supporting the exporters through exports marketing to develop the market and increase the exports

  • Increasing the quality of transactions and fulfilling the commercial standards

  • Identification and active presence in new markets

Organizational Culture & Core Values of SHIMICO

  • Trying to building the trust and to promote the SHIMICO’s brand credit

  • Active follow-up of the critiques and suggestions to reach the desired result

  • Observing the independence and fairness in the transactions

  • Respecting the human rights and observing the privacy policy

  • Increasing and supporting teamwork and efficiency of SHIMICO and sharing them in the achieved results

  • Special support of circular economy to decrease the damages and increase the efficiency in using the resources