A unique platform for chemical goods’ trade

SHIMICO is a secure and simple platform for the trade without borders.

The unique features of SHIMICO are:

  • Trade security

  • Legal support in Trade

  • User friendliness and speed at all stages of the trade

  • Access to international export and import markets

  • VIP services

How are the suppliers’ challenges removed?

The trade has been made more secure and easier by substantial infrastructures:

  • Quality of goods and price difference are visible.

  • Your capital and financial claims are secure.

  • Transactions are done on a legal basis following the trade international laws.

  • You can have a record of your transactional documents.

  • Commercial insurance provides a more secure transaction.

  • All selling stages, client’s confirmation, secure money receiving, transporting and delivering the goods may be done online.

A more expansive and profitable market is available that you will achieve the following:

  • Up to 80% decrease in prices.

  • Up to 66% growth in your income.

  • Providing services up to 68% better than before.

  • Up to 80% selling increase.

  • Up to 77% customers’ satisfaction.

  • Up to 70% shorter path for the customer to reach you.

  • Connection to a large community of domestic and foreign traders.

  • The possibility of competitive pricing and analyzing the competitors.

  • Online negotiation with the customers and attenders in the tenders and auctions.

  • Being seen by advertisement and automatic translation.

How are the customers’ challenges removed?

The selection process is optimized as the following:

  • Up to 70% shorter and simpler way to reach the desired goods.

  • Simultaneous access to a wide range of announcements on buying and selling.

  • The possibility of comparing the prices, product details, ranking and the resume of suppliers.

  • All selling stages, quality assurance, transporting and delivering the goods may be done online.

  • Being alerted about the latest tenders and auctions continuously.

In SHIMICO, the security of transactions and quality assurance have been proved by:

  • The commercial insurance, escrow money, online inspection of product and face-to-face inspection of the products, to assure you of the quality of the purchased goods.

  • Doing the financial transaction on SHIMICO platform to put your money in full security.

  • Separately recording your commercial documents related to all of your deals.

SHIMICO’s online commercial desk

  • Creating the organizational account and adding the company’s personnel

  • Making public or private posts including selling, purchasing, tender and auctions announcements (being presented to over 100,000 active dealers in the market)

  • Online investigation of the currencies

  • Online commercial negotiation

  • The list of the goods for sale

  • 7/24 deal at the latest price

  • Interaction with the other active dealers in the market

  • Access to the services of cargo transportation, commercial insurance and goods inspection

  • Report registration or complaints’ review

  • Access to the latest news about the chemical, petrochemical materials, products, market, and companies