Second International IFARM Fair

2022-12-06 - 2022-12-09
The Second International IFarm Fair

Second international IFARM fair includes various sections in this year. Agriculture and its inputs form a significant part of Shiraz IFARM fair. This section is related to two areas including greenhouse and horticulture. The development of new greenhouse and gardening methods represents the goals of this exhibition. Among others, we can mention the use of all kinds of agricultural fertilizers suitable for hydroponic cultivation and soluble in water.

Description of The Second International IFARM Fair

IFARM 1401 in Shiraz is one of the biggest international exhibitions in the country. A part of the exhibition is dedicated to new agricultural technologies. This section includes all kinds of agricultural inputs, including fertilizers and pesticides needed in various industries. Fertilizers use in the main and widely used industries include greenhouse, horticulture, flower and plant industries. The method and amount of chemical & petrochemical fertilizers and other types of them are announced based on the expert’s opinion. Those interested can get the necessary information by receiving brochures, catalogues and portable samples. Also, finally, the market of agricultural inputs inside and outside the country will be checked with meetings and debates of the parties. Business networking with the presence of active companies in B2B and B2C forms the basis of a new approach to inputs of the agricultural sector.

Why Shiraz?

Shiraz is the hub of the country’s agricultural industry, is neighbor to the provinces of Isfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Shahrekord, Hormozgan, Bushehr and Ahvaz. From an economic point of view, Shiraz has suitable capabilities for the production and processing of agricultural products. Fars province has 810 hectares of controlled agricultural land, gain seventh rank in the country. Especially, furthermore by using mesh or wire protection, it was able to cover 220 hectares under the canopy. The rest of this area, 590 hectares, is under greenhouse cultivation.

Fars province has good capacities in terms of production of fertilizer products. Nitrogen fertilizers and most importantly urea fertilizer, chemical fertilizers and other petrochemical fertilizers are supplied from this province. The main role of these fertilizers is to meet the nutritional needs of agricultural products for food. Chemical fertilizers will play an effective role by using them optimally and correctly at the right time.

The Main Objectives of The Second Shiraz IFARM Agricultural Exhibition

This year’s IFARM 1401 exhibition plays an important role in promoting the principles of farming. The important issues in this year’s exhibition are:

  • Basic cultivation
  • Optimization methods of greenhouse space and controlled gardening
  • Promoting new and innovative methods of using agricultural inputs
  • Supplying the country’s food needs and exporting agricultural products
  • Scientific methods of horticulture, agriculture and greenhouse
  • Introduction and supply of new agricultural fertilizers
  • Showing the inner capabilities of the country in supplying the required fertilizer inside and outside the country
  • Receive brochures, catalogs, analysis and samples of fertilizer products
  • Planning to reduce the wastage of agricultural products

The Time and Place of Holding The 2Nd IFARM Fair in Shiraz

This year, IFARM fair will hold in Shiraz, The International Exhibition of Fars Province. The date of the event is from 15 to 18 December 1401 every day from 16:00 to 21:00. Everyone that like to join this big fair can refer to the link for more information.
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