International Iran Nano 2023

2023-11-04 - 2023-11-07
14th international iran nano+ micro fair 2023

The organizers will hold the 14th Iran Nano International Exhibition(IRAN Nano 2023) in Tehran this year starting from Saturday. This international event represents one of the most important gatherings in the field of nanotechnology in Iran and the world. Allowing local and international participants to exchange new ideas, knowledge, and innovations and to network with their colleagues.

The participants find a suitable opportunity at the nanotechnology exhibition, which holds great importance. They can acquaint themselves with recent developments and achievements in various fields, including electronics, medicine, environment, and energy industries.

Overall, we expect that the IRANNano 2023 exhibition will create a good opportunity for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and fostering commercial cooperation in the field of nanotechnology. This can effectively contribute to the advancement of this fundamental industry.

The Importance Of The 14Th Iran Nano International Exhibition

  • This exhibition is very important due to its focus on nanotechnology and presenting the latest achievements and products in this field.
  • Creating opportunities for cooperation and knowledge exchange between industry, universities and research centers
  • Promoting the development of technology at the national and international level and motivating researchers and entrepreneurs

About Iran Nano International Exhibition

In this fair, technologists will display 7 nano products. More than 90 companies, 6 export bases and 12 promotional organizations are present in this period. Also, the student technology club will also be present at the 14th exhibition.

A student tour has been prepared to visit the exhibition, which includes foreign students studying in Iranian universities. In the innovative designs section, the curators will display two special booths for startups and world-competitive achievements.

Micro companies are also present in this exhibition, and other parts of that also include products from various industrial fields. Including construction, nano coating, laboratory equipment, raw material and catalyst production and supply companies. The Quantum and Optics Headquarters of the Presidential Vice President for Science, Technology and Knowledge-Based Economy is also present.

Special and economic nano programs have been prepared during the days of fair. It includes the symbolic opening on the first day. The meeting of the ambassadors of 7 countries on the second day and the unveiling of 7 new products. 5 contracts will be signed by the president on the third day with the presence of the vice president for science, technology and knowledge-based economy.

Nano Technology Festival

The Nano Technology Festival, which was held for the first time in 2007, with the goals of recognizing the research and industrial potential. Also promoting public knowledge in the field of nano technology. Over years, Iran Nano event has become one of the most important gatherings related to nano technology in Iran. The related authorities organize this annual event with the aim of promoting this field of technology at the Tehran International Exhibitions. With the presence of domestic and foreign technologists. In recent decades, the impact of nanotechnology as an emerging technology has become more and more apparent in industry and society. The size of the resulting economy has increased significantly. Iran has also made significant achievements in this field, which are exhibited every year at the Iran Nano Exhibition by companies and institutions active in this field. This event provides a good opportunity to present the latest achievements of the country’s nanotechnology field and also to establish international cooperation in this field.

Nanotechnology in chemicals, petrochemicals and agricultural fertilizers

The use of nanotechnology in the field of chemicals and petrochemicals creates products with better characteristics. Such as nanostructured catalysts that increase the efficiency of chemical processes and reduce energy consumption. Also, in the production of agricultural fertilizers, the use of nanoparticles as special additives can increase the productivity of fertilizers. Including reducing the need for water consumption and the production of environmental chemicals. For example, the use of zinc oxide or silver nanoparticles in the production of agricultural fertilizers can help control more pests and diseases. As a result, it will increase the yield of agricultural products.

In order to get more information, interested parties and participants can enter the online trading market of chemical, petrochemical, mineral and agricultural fertilizers.

Date and time of Iran Nano international exhibition

This year, the 14th Iran Nano International Exhibition will hold at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions. From Saturday to Tuesday, November 13 to 16, 1402, the Iran Nano + Micro Technology Exhibition will hold. Those interested can visit the exhibition directly from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM in the Halls of Nations and Persian Gulf.
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