What is the use of caustic soda? An Overview of the caustic soda uses


In the previous article, caustic soda, its production method, and its features were explained. Now we want to know about the applications of caustic soda.

Caustic soda or solid sodium hydroxide is a caustic chemical substance most commonly used by chemical industries and companies.

Some of the most important uses of caustic soda are as follows:

These are the uses of caustic soda:

1) Alumina Recycling Industries

2) Plastic coatings production

3) Soap and cleaner’s production

4) Production of various detergents

5) Processing the textile products

6) Oil refining

7) Water and wastewater treatment – producing sediment and corrosion inhibitors

8) Metal processing

9) Various adhesives

10) Chemical products

11) Chemicals used in animal husbandry, protection of plants and chemical fertilizers

12) Food industry

13) Metallurgy industry for cleaning metals

14) Extraction and drilling – metal extraction, oil and gas extraction

15) Paint and coating industries

16) Paper industry for producing paper pulp

17) Industrial raw materials or intermediate compounds in chemical reactions

18) Bleaching and degreasers

19) pH regulator in industries

20) Baking soda and sodium methoxide with caustic soda production

21) Plunger solution production

22) Leather and tanning industry

23) As bleaches

* Industrial applications of caustic soda:

Sodium hydroxide is used in manufacturing sodium salts and detergents, pH adjustment, and the synthesis of organic compounds.

Sodium hydroxide is utilized to increase the alkalinity of the mixture or to neutralize the acids.

In the oil industry, sodium hydroxide is used as an additive in drilling mud to increase the alkalinity of drilling mud systems, bentonite, increase the viscosity, and neutralize any acidic gases (such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide).

Caustic soda is used in refining crude oil to remove sulfur impurities.

Sodium hydroxide is used to produce soap and detergents.

Solid caustic soda is used to make synthetic textile fibers (e.g., Rayon).

About 56% of the sodium hydroxide produced is used for industrial purposes, of which 25% is used in the paper industry.

Caustic soda is used in the refining of bauxite ore from which aluminum metal is extracted. The mentioned process is known as the “Bayer process”.

Solid soda is used in degreasing metals, refining oils, and making paints and bleaches.

* Food applications of caustic soda:

Caustic soda is used in food processing and preparation in food industry. The following includes the use and importance of solid caustic soda:

  • Washing fruits and vegetables in the industry
  • Chocolate and cocoa processing
  • Producing caramel color
  • Cooking chicken
  • Beverage processing
  • Thickening the ice-cream texture
  • Processing and removing the bitterness of olives by increasing the caustic soda
  • Making some desserts and cake powder or dessert powder
  • Making some canned food

Safety data sheet and chemical considerations of caustic soda (Caustic soda MSDS)

As with other corrosive acids and alkalis, even the smallest droplets of sodium hydroxide solution can easily hydrolyze the living tissue of proteins and lipids’ compounds.

As a result, it causes chemical burns and may cause permanent blindness due to eye contact.

This solid, which is highly alkaline, can also have corrosive properties while having moisture such as water vapor.

Therefore, when working with this chemical or its solutions, you should always use protective equipment such as rubber gloves, safety clothing and goggles.

First aid measures in case of contact of caustic soda solution with the skin include washing the contact area with a large volume of water. Washing should continue for at least 10-15 minutes.

* Caustic soda packaging:

Caustic soda is generally sold in packages of 25 kg, 50 kg double-walled polyethylene and 1-ton jumbo bags as secondary packaging, special containers with a maximum capacity of 1000 kg, 60 kg polyethylene barrels. All packages are finally supplied as a shrink pallet.

It is also possible to transport caustic soda in bulk. These conditions apply while exporting caustic soda and transferring to ports and customs. Product’s shelf life with a 2-year warranty from the manufacture date.

* Conditions for storing and keeping caustic soda in the warehouse:

While using a large volume of sodium hydroxide compound, it is necessary to consider the correct storage method.

This material should be stored in polyethylene tanks, tanks made of PVC, steel tanks (stainless steel) or fiberglass tanks with protective coating.

All containers’ lids have to be closed as any moisture is strongly absorbed by this compound. Shelf life of this chemical is 6 months.

Impurities of this substance can be heavy metals such as iron, which causes its color to turn green. In the oral grade, impurities should be low, and it should be produced by the membrane method.

For transporting, washed steel (non-ferrous) tank should be used. Caustic soda should not be packaged hot and at high temperatures.

Caustic soda has Imco class 8 and is a dangerous commodity.

Industries related to Alkali caustic soda

  • The process of producing chemical solvents
  • Aluminum production in steel and metallurgy industries
  • Refining crude oil and mineral oils in the petrochemical industry
  • Cosmetics industry – detergents, exfoliating masks
  • Industrial cleaners and detergents
  • Rubber industry
  • Raw materials in the manufacture of industrial pigments and dyes
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Application in cleaning and disinfection in livestock and beekeeping
  • Preventing plant diseases and protecting them in the field of horticulture

An overview of the buying and selling market of Iranian caustic soda

Caustic soda is sold in different packages with different weights. Caustic soda laboratory grade and industrial grade are different in terms of order quantity.

For laboratory use, the maximum order is usually about one kilogram. The price of caustic soda is determined based on the daily price of liquid soda in the market and commodity exchange, and one ton of caustic soda is obtained from every 2 tons of liquid soda.

Top companies producing Iranian caustic soda such as Niroo Chlore caustic soda, Bandar Imam caustic soda, Arvand Petrochemical caustic soda, Tabriz caustic soda, Oxin caustic soda, Parsian caustic soda and Kimia Pars caustic soda, etc., usually provide prices in a certain range.
#Top 10 caustic soda flakes suppliers in Iran

In recent years, chemical products are offered to commodity exchanges. The price of caustic soda in the commodity exchange is determined for each company with a specific share.

You can buy caustic soda online through commercial companies and smaller companies in the field.

To buy Iranian caustic soda online, all you can is to visit Shimico website and register your order amount.

If you are looking for buying caustic soda for export, you can buy it directly from the stock exchange or consult with reputable trading companies and suppliers in this field. Shimico is there to guide you in this regard.




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