The Iranian Manufacturing & Export Capabilities Exhibition

2022-02-21 - 2022-02-23
The First Iranian Manufacturing % Export Capabilities Exhibition

The iranian manufacturing & export capabilities exhibition will be stablish. The most exclusive international exhibition of the achievements of Iranian producers and craftsmen will be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. It is the first international exhibition in Central Asia to open in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The presence of experienced managers in the economic field along with knowledge-based companies and startups contributes greatly to the growth and prosperity of this field. The iranian manufacturing & export capabilities exhibition also prepare good opportunity for investors. In this international eurasia fair 2022 iranian’s achievements will be unveiled.

International Exhibition of the Achievements of Iranian Manufacturers and Artisans

This is the first dedicated exhibition to present the industrial and production achievements of Iranians in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. This year’s exhibition is an economic arena to unveil the achievements of Iranian craftsmen and producers. Also this fair will be prove communications between customers and manufacturers companies. They have try good situation relationships for detect iran’s markets. Iranian manufacturers and artisans can be linked with global trading markets specially eurasia market.

What are the reasons for the economic importance of the market and the people of Uzbekistan for foreign producers and artisans, especially Iranians?

To answer this question, it is necessary to review the key criteria in the Uzbek economy. On the other hand, the growing trend of economic development in Uzbekistan of recent years is noticeable.

Effecting factors of this indicator keys are:

  1. Political and economic stability: Uzbekistan always had good political and economic stability. Even in the last thirty years, it has not experienced major economic and political fluctuations. Especially since 2016, when Shavkat Miramanovic Mirzichev became president, he has achieved favorable political and economic indoor and outdoor growth of the country.
  2. Growing financial and monetary- economic system: Uzbekistan’s foreign trade economy is estimated more than $ 1 billion. Over the years, the total debt of the Republic of Uzbekistan has not exceeded more than 18.5% of GDP.

Various Industries of Iranians Capabilities

In this fair more than 60 manufacturing companies and startups come together. They will be present their latest products and manufacturing and industrial achievements to an Uzbek audience.

The Goals of The Iranian Manufacturing & Export Capabilities Exhibition

  • Creation & Establishment of trade and economic relations to cooperate with Uzbek traders and importers
  • Commercial networking in the large and growing market of the Eurasian geographical area
  • Development of non-oil exports
  • Special sale of petroleum derivatives – petrochemicals and chemicals in the Eurasian market
  • Supply of agricultural inputs in the region
  • Incorporate Southeast Asia, especially India, into Eurasian trade

Holder of the first International Exhibition of Iranian Chemical Industries and Products in Uzbekistan

This year, the “Sabad Talaei Iranian” Company is responsible for holding an exhibition to present Iranian industrial and production achievements in Uzbekistan. According to a report by Asr-Press reporter, Mr. Mehdi Karimkhani, CEO of “Sabad Talaei Iranian”, which is the first dedicated exhibition of Iranian achievements. He said that the company, with twelve years of experience in holding foreign exhibitions, seeks to hold such an exhibition in this regard.

Mr. Karimkhani also said that the holding of such an exhibition will open the way for the export development of non-petroleum products to Iranian producers and craftsmen.

Place and Time of Holding the International Iranian Industries Exhibition

The International Exhibition of Iranian Industries and Achievements opens this year in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. This international exhibition will be held from March 2 to 4, 1400 in Hall No. 1 of the State Exhibition Center of Tashkent, Uzbekistan (Uz Expo). Dear fans, you can refer to this link for more information.
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