First Iran Solo Exhibition in Iraq’s Kirkuk

2022-03-08 - 2022-03-12
First Iran Solo Exhibition in Iraq's Kirkuk Province

An exclusive fair of Iranian manufactures will be held in Iraq’s Kirkuk city in early March. The portal of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) reported this tradeshow. All multiple groups of iranian companies & startups in several petrochemicals and chemical materials fields are present in this opportunity.

The Consul General of Iran in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, undertook the necessary coordination for holding the first Iranian exclusive and specialized exhibition in Kirkuk, Iraq. An official permit was issued by the Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) of Iran to hold Iran’s first exclusive and specialized exhibition in Kirkuk, Iraq. The exhibition will be screened with the aim of increasing economic relations with neighboring countries, especially Iraq, with the support of the Iranian Consulate General in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, and obtaining the necessary licenses.

Iranian companies active in different fields of raw materials and chemical materials will be join with Iraqi companies in Kirkuk. Having 500 kilometers common shared borders between Iran & Iraq made good benefition for both parties. Therefore measuring of these important borders give a quite capacity for trading chemical products.

Among chemical material transactions by coordination of trade borders, commercial networking will be develop. Trade relations, business networking and world wide marketing begin from this zone.

Why was Kirkuk province chosen as the venue for a special Iran exhibition?

Kirkuk province, as the heart of the Iraq economy, has very good commercial capacities. Kirkuk province in Iraq is a transit route for network trade of Iranian products from Iran to Iraq. The location of Kirkuk has created a trade bridge between the northern and central provinces of Iraq. Kirkuk is a turning point in Iran’s trade with Iraq, as it borders the provinces of Salahuddin, Nineveh, Sulaymaniyah, Diyala and Erbil.

The economic capacity of Kirkuk province is very suitable for holding specialized and exclusive Iran exhibitions. This international commercial-economic event in Southwest Asia will provide a great opportunity for powerful Iranian companies and producers in the region. Creating a platform for trade networking with neighboring countries will improve Iran’s economy in the region. New commercial capacities, especially in the field of processing and production of chemicals until its supply, is one of the important achievements of this fair.

Kirkuk province has a special capacity to increase the volume of trade with Iran in various fields. So that the level of trade between Iran and Iraq can be increased to $ 20 billion. The Iran-Kirkuk Chamber of Commerce agreed on the interchange of commercial goods, especially chemicals, petroleum and petrochemicals. For this purpose, the borders of Parviz Khan and Khosravi were established as a transit border between Iran and Kirkuk, Iraq.

The vast market of Kirkuk province in Iraq has a good potential for establishing a transit highway between Iran and other countries. Iraq’s proximity to Turkey of the north, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia of the south, Syria and Jordan of the west has provided a favorable trade networking advantage in Southwest Asia.

Kirkuk province is a good place for trade with Iran due to having completely 40% oil resources of the Iraq country. Holding specialized meetings with the aim of commercializing Iran’s exclusive and specialized industries and products in the region and internationally are fruitful. Iran’s capabilities in the field of chemical raw materials, especially materials used in the pharmaceutical, health, paint, rubber manufacturing, plastics, agricultural fertilizers, etc. industries will be display.

Holding these exhibitions especially chemical materials fairs every year, prepare potential and actual chemical industry capacities of production, supply and demand potential. Implementation of a regular customs features program, necessary coordination with the Kirkuk-Iraq Chamber of Commerce and Economy, is the basis of Iran’s trade in the region. Which provides Iran with access to export markets. Kirkuk’s 3 million market and transit access, especially to Diyala, Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Ninawa, Salahuddin and neighboring provinces, provide cross-border trade networks.

Various Iranian industries at the Kirkuk Exhibition

Specialized industries include:

  • Leather industry
  • Health, medical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Structural
  • Textile
  • Manure
  • Byproducts
  • Chemical raw materials
  • Chemicals and minerals
  • Rubber, plastics and chemicals
  • Oil, gas and petrochemicals

Opportunities of exclusive and specialized Iranian exhibition in the Iraqi province of Kirkuk

The exhibition of Iranian exclusive and specialized industries in Kirkuk paves the way for establishing trade relations between the regions and establishing trade networks in the Middle East and the world. Establishing common economic relations and creating a suitable platform for the appearance of startups companies opens the arena for extending Iran’s capabilities in the international world. The development of international economic relations, the improvement of trade negotiations, the process of expanding Iranian knowledge and expertise, as well as the introduction of startups are some of the achievements of this exhibition.

By holding this exhibition, a suitable business opportunity will be obtained to use the maximum potential of the Iraqi market by using the Kirkuk transit highway. Turkey, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Kuwait are available markets for the appearance of Iranian industries in the region. In particular, Kirkuk’s large chemical and petroleum market provides contracts based on major petrochemical, petroleum, chemical and chemical raw material projects. Chemicals and petrochemical products have many applications in the pharmaceutical, leather, construction, agricultural and food industries. Especially granular ammonium sulfate has many applications in fertilizer, pesticide, leather and tanning, plating, iron and steel casting industries.

Date and place of Iran-specialized exhibition in Kirkuk

The first exclusive and specialized exhibition of the Iran country will be held from 17 to 21 March, 1400. The exhibition is open to the participants every day during the holding at the exhibition center in Kirkuk, Iraq. Interested parties can refer to this link for information. This exhibition will be held abroad and internationally. Admission to the exhibition will be free.
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